Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates for Portrait Sessions?

A non-refundable session fee of 150€ (plus 30 € for each additional adult) is required to be made at the time of booking to secure your Portrait session date. Session fee balances are then payable when you purchase the portraits you choose. The fee is non-refundable, but if the client has to cancel the session for health issues or similar reasons, we may reschedule it for another date.

What is included in the Portrait Sessions?

These sessions are true experiences that are worth living at least once in your life. We are going to pamper you, make you feel like a star, and photograph you like a real magazine cover girl ... that is, make you forget the world for a while. Portrait sessions, whether individual or family, always include: - a personal consultation with me so I can hear about your dream shoot, begin customizing your experience, and give you more details of what is included; - professional makeup; - up to 3 hours of photoshoot; - 2 to 4 changes of wardrobe; - availability of the studio's wardrobe; - professionally edited photos;

Where do the photo sessions take place?

The sessions take place in the studio, located in Lisbon, in the Marvila neighborhood, close to Poço do Bispo. The address is Rua Pereira Henriques, 1, Porta 11-D, Lisbon, but just put the search for Sonia Godinho Fotografia on Google and it will bring you to the door! There is easy parking close by. If you prefer public transport, this area is served by Carris through routes 718 and 728. It is a cozy studio, with a wardrobe that you can use in your session, and with all the necessary photographic equipment to make beautiful portraits. Oh ... and we have coffee, tea and other snacks to entertain if you feel hungry ;-)

What should I wear ?

During our personal consultation, we will have all the time to talk about how you want to be photographed, what are your color and style preferences. During this time you can take the opportunity to get to know the pieces we have in our wardrobe, which will be at your disposal on the day of the session, to be used in conjunction with your own clothing. If it is a family session, we will talk about the best way to coordinate the style and colors of everyone's clothes, so that the result is harmonious and meets your expectations.

What are your rates for Newborn Sessions?

A non-refundable session fee of 250€ is required to be made at the time of booking to secure your Portrait session date. Session fee balances are then payable when you purchase the portraits you choose. Since this type of session is usually scheduled before your baby is born, there will be all the flexibility to adjust this date if the baby is not born on the date that you are due. The fee is non-refundable, but if the client has to cancel the session for health issues or similar reasons, we may reschedule it for another date.

What is included in a Newborn Session?

These sessions are perfect to register your baby's wonderful first days of life. The sessions are focused on the baby but we know that when this baby grows up he will want to see himself in portraits with his parents and know that he was very loved by the whole family, so we will always photograph the baby with his parents and siblings (if any). When scheduling the session, the following services will be included: - a personal consultation with me prior to the session to understand the purpose of the session and clarify all doubts (can be in person or by phone / skype); - professional make-up for the mother; - photo session lasting up to 2 hours (everything will be done according to your baby's tranquility); - professionally edited photos;

When is the best time to book a Newborn Session?

Sessions should be held when your baby is between 6 to 15 days old. It is at this time that your baby will go on deep sleep for long periods, making them feel less disturbed or restless during the photo shoot. In addition, these first days are the ones we want to preserve forever, they are the days of discovery for parents who know that their baby will never fit so tightly in their hands again. It is important that they are scheduled in advance to ensure availability of the studio. Ideally, they should be scheduled when mum is between the 7 to 8 months of pregnancy.

What can you expect from a Newborn Session?

The session takes place in my studio, which has all the conditions to receive parents and babies, being kept at a temperature suitable for your newborn baby, that is, comfortably warm. The studio has a changing table and a sofa where parents can rest and feed their baby, if necessary. Between sessions the studio is carefully cleaned, as well as all accessories that will be in contact with your baby. Your safety is my priority. The sessions can take between 1 to 2 hours, it will always depend on your baby. We hope that the baby is sleeping during the whole session which will make the whole session more fluid and comfortable for him. In the first weeks of your baby's life he spends most of his time sleeping and his sleep is deep enough for us to move him between poses to register the most beautiful images, which you will keep as a precious treasure of this unrepeatable time. Of course, all babies are different and not everyone sleeps so easily, so we will work with whatever the baby allows us to do, with calm and tranquility and always respecting their times. It will always be his comfort and safety first.

How many images result do I get from the Session?

From the images taken during the session, I will choose the best ones, and only those to be edited by me, carefully, working the light, tones and other components of the image so that the final result is the set of your best Portraits. It will be those images (between 20 and 25) that I will present to you, two weeks after your photoshoot so that you can choose your favorites.

How many images do I have to buy? What are your packages prices?

You don't have to commit to any minimum number of images. About two weeks after the session you will return to the studio to choose from a set of 20 to 25 edited images. You will only purchase the Portraits you love. The images can be purchased "à la carte" or in Collections (with a lower individual cost).

I just want digitals? Can I have a discount if I don't take the prints?

I believe that we all deserve to exist in printed photographs, tangible objects with which we can relate. Something that we can touch, feel and see up close, pass from hand to hand and leave as our legacy to future generations. Nobody is relates to a pendrive... digitals are not suitable for storing in a photo box, hang on the wall or be put on a frame next to the bed. Furthermore, who knows what will be the future of image files format... for how long can we have a way to read the current formats, in this ever changing digital world. But the paper, on the other hand, if it is of the highest quality, will pass through generations and it is more likely that your portraits will survive the passage of time. Our portraits are printed in Fine Art Paper wich is guaranteed for 100 years and are mounted on museum quality mats... everything is designed to assure that your portraits will be enjoyed for many, many years. Despite this, I also value the advantages of our digital age and that is why I offer the digital version together with the printed portrait, in all the images you purchase. When you buy an image you are not just buying a printed portrait. In that image is all the work associated with the creation process until we reach the final result, from its preparation, the photosession and the artistic edition.

What is the turnaround time?

Within 2 weeks after the session the client returns to the studio to find out the final result and choose the images that he likes best. You will only purchase the portraits you love, with no purchase obligation. There is no hardsell whatsoever. You can decide to keep only the 20x30cm portraits (the mounted final size will be around 40x35cm) or order some wall art for your home, or both. The choice is entirely yours. After payment, the images will go to the laboratory for printing and / or production of the decoration pieces you have chosen, varying the delivery times, depending on the products, from one to two weeks.

What type of printed products can I choose from?

I offer 20x30cm photographs printed on Fine Art Paper, which is a textured, fine-grained and soft-touch paper, made from 100% cotton, which results in perfect Portraits. These photographs are mounted on museum quality mats that can dispense with frames and serve to arrange your portraits with the help of a simple support. Handmade luxurious Reveal Boxes that hold the 20 images collection. These boxes are manufactured in Italy with the best materials and will keep your portraits for many, many years. I also offer several pieces of wall art, from the traditional and classic framed portrait, to the elegant and modern aluminum panel, or our exclusive Amalfi Panel, a panel manufactured in Italy, with Amalfi paper produced according to techniques that date back to the Renaissance and that translates into a piece of art, timeless and suitable for any decoration. When you visit the studio you will be able to see all these products live and check their unparalleled quality.

Do you offer personal branding, headshots, editorials or other photographic shoots?

Of course I do! I work with a wide range of clients who have different needs regarding their images needs. Please contact me to get a quote to your specific needs and objectives.




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